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Facets, facets, and more facets. I foresee much hand sanding in my near future!

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who took this photo of my kitchen?

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Finally a magnifier that is built on! Not a damn wobbly half assed 3rd party accessory that used even more of your precious AA batteries.

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I love it when I get my friends into the music I like

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Dreads are beautiful.

First time ever someone told me my dreads were offensive tonight. I work as a gas station clerk and a young woman about my age went on about how it was “cultural appropriation” and I’m making dreads less important by not being Rastafarian. I was about to defend myself and a woman behind this one in line spoke up. With a heavy Jamaican (I think?) accent and said “woman you hush your mouth. This mans hair is beautiful and if he wants to wear his hair in dreads it is his business. There is nothing wrong with anyone who wishes to wear their hair in dreads, mine are sacred to me because of where I’m from, I see his and it makes me smile to see someone so far away thinks that dreads are beautiful and chose to knot their hair. You are just as racist as you claim him to be for saying that something like how someone wears their hair belongs to a group of people and no one else. Shame on you.” The first woman left without a word and was clearly pissed. The second woman got coffee and a Slurpee, I told her they were on the house and I said “you made my night tonight, thank you so much. I think that dreadlocks are beautiful and anyone would look good in them. Hearing you say that and saying mine are awesome too is just awesome.” She gave me a half hug from across the counter then left. Damn that was cool.

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Eh here’s a bored work selfie post. Way too slow tonight.

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This is to remind me that success cannot be rushed.  We all take our own paths, so be careful not to compare.  The success of others does not lessen my own.
I have faith that I will be okay.

beautifully reassuring when our parents, elected leaders, economic system and even sometimes friends lead us to believe otherwise.

This is the most wonderful, and reassuring thing I have seen for people my age on this site, ever.