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"You do 416 damage"

“Is it dead?”


Think I just got secondhand frustration.

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The Man Who Lives Alone

My Intro to Comics final about ghosts and love.

Holy shit this was awesome!

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I received a tip tonight by a local stoner. Awfully nice to pass some bubba kush my way. I don’t normally post this kind of thing but it was hilarious. The guy said “hey man you look like one of those Sam Sam’s right? Like you dig lentils and chive right? Here ya go man, check this receipt for me (he handed me the bud in a crumpled receipt). Catch you later Jeeves.” I still don’t understand what the fuck but hey, free herb.

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Today’s Yeti update is just 30 minutes away… and this is just the half of it. Who’s ready? (9/18)

Check it out folks!

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"Vintage" Ads for modern day sites

Crazy shit

that’s some straight up fallout shit right there, man

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What I make for a living, in the process of being, well, made…

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